Christopher Dean is a 22 year old PhD student studying at Imperial College London. This blog was started when he was undertaking his MSci project on the completeness of the fossil record of Pterosaurs, though he’s now moved on to looking at Biodiversity and bias in Epicontinental Seas and has also done other work on the vermiform mollusc Acaenoplax. His interest in the scientific world extends far and wide, covering skepticism, bad science and especially science communication to the general public. On the other side of the coin, he is also passionate about the arts in all shapes and forms, and the potential overlap between art and science.

This blog aims to document the progress on his PhD to provide an inside glimpse into the workings of research from the eyes of someone who is equally clueless and stumbling through the process. It also aims to “seamlessly” combine these passions of science and art in one handy package, highlighting interesting scientific developments in the public eye.

Chris can be found tweeting on @PrincessQuatris, and spouting inane ramblings with a few others on Faux Pas FM on ICRadio.

The title of this blog is really not that self depricating, and is in fact based on this amazing song.


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